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I'm Abigail Mandlin, founder, head editor, and sole judge of what gets into Heart on Our Sleeves. This is a passion project to be sure, and--as you might be able to tell--currently a one-woman show. But I promise I'm more than qualified! As someone with a bachelor's in English from Portland State University and a master of fine arts degree in creative writing and poetics from the University of Washington, I'm definitely capable of picking and choosing quality written work. Over twenty-five of my own original pieces have been professionally published--as well as a novel--and I feel this is now the time to release my latest and greatest project out into the world: this press!

Why "Heart on Our Sleeves"?

It's a well understood fact that artists are the sensitive sort. We're known for the drama. We feel deeply. We cry easily. But this is our superpower, not our Achilles' heel. It's our burden and our pleasure to experience the world in technicolor--in all caps--and it's what drives us to the page, to get out our thoughts and feelings. And through our talents, we also have the privilege of opening the eyes of others who might not be so lucky, drawing them into our world and having them experience the wonders of a universe at full volume. So laugh. So cry. And always remember to wear your heart out on your sleeve.

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