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  • Where did the idea for this project come from?
    Literally, in the bathtub. But in a broader sense, I (Abby) have been part of literary magazines for many years now. While I have loved these opportunities and plan to apply to more in the future, I thought... why not make my own literary magazine? What's stopping me, really? So I did it--for the experience, for the resume boost, and for the ability to promote awesome writers like myself. No more gatekeeping! I'M THE GATEKEEPER NOW! AND I DECLARE FREE PROMOTION FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • How do you come up with your themes?
    Like anything else. We create them ourselves, with careful consideration to topics that are broad enough to appeal to many but also specific enough to encourage conscious thought. Also helps if they have a quippy name.
  • Is this press LGBTQ+-friendly?
    Of course! We're here for our gays, our theys, and everyone in between! And we do not discriminate against any races or religions either. If you'd like to include mention of your identity in your writing, be our guest! Or don't. It's totally up to you.
  • Will you ever include other art mediums in your literary magazine (like art or photography)?
    Funnily enough, that was the original plan, but then I (Abby) realized I'm not exactly an art or photography expert. I have a master of fine arts degree in creative writing, nothing else. But it would be awesome to get another artist on board with me someday to judge art I'm not as familiar with. So maybe in the near future, if we're lucky!
  • You allow partially AI-generated work? Whaaaaaaat?
    Yeah, this was a hard one for us. While I (Abby) object to AI art simply on principle, I also understand that fighting against progress is usually a losing battle. Besides which, I believe technology can be used effectively to create prompts or outlines that artists might be able to use as a launching pad. Consider blackout poetry or remixes of songs. Artists utilize these mediums to take an already established work and change it enough to make it their own. So, yes, technically you can use AI to assist you... but please don't make us regret it.
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